Denca Services Limited have the ability to supply you with any number of barges on request to enable you maintain a steady flow of operations.

Ranging from flat-top work barges to material supply barges, that can carry wrecks, equipment to site. Trucks of heavy capacity to project site or project itself.

Rescue Boat

The nature of operations in oil and gas engineering services has provision for safety and rescue services and to complement this, Denca services limited has put in place in her fleet. Rescue boat that can be mobilized for operation on call and on lease or hire.


Dredging Equipment

Denca Services Limited provides equipment for dredging both in vessel technology as well as tracking suction.


Tug boat is a critical equipment necessary for positioning of operations in maritime industry. With tug boat it is assured that barges can be towed to destinations. Salvage operations are also assured in towing ships that are in critical situations to safety and maintenance in the industry.

Barges are flat metal body equipment always towed or pushed by Tugboats used in the supply of materials and equipment in marine and oil and gas industries.


With the Cabotage administration in Nigeria, we have strategy to acquire and run tanker vessels within Nigeria and West Coast of Africa. We also have arrangement to charter vessels and supply boats, barges, other water craft equipment on long and short time charter party basis. We have developed a local content initiatives that encourage the use of man and materials in the marine industry to achieve set objective. Our alliance partners in vessels and vessels supplies are in equitable position to give us the required material at all times.

We have a modern dredging fleet and this fleet is one of the most versatile. The Denca dredging fleet enables our company to always deploy the right equipment for every project. Both the dredging technology and the process automation on board are of the highest standard. This I how Denca can always achieve the highest possible production rates for our clients. All vessels in our fleet comply with the strictest of international safety and quality requirement.

House Boat

The development of offshore drilling schedules has encouraged House boat, which ensure oil workers to work and live in the boat after the hard day’s work. This boat provides comfort, convenience, safety, foods and drinks for the period of relocation at work. We supply the terrain of the working environment and provide houseboat that will give you adequate services, you require working in and offshore environments.

Denca Services under the Cabotage administration has made available different kinds of house boat to increase productivity and safety at work while at sea.

Crew Boat

The application of this kind of watercraft has improved the working condition of workers at shores. It gives them comfort at work as well as at base and encourages high level of efficiency and interaction with people at base apart from communication.