DENCA SERVICES offers a comprehensive package of services for tank projects that includes concept definition, design and detailed engineering, fabrication, procurement, site development, foundation and tank construction, painting and coating, commissioning and startup, and operator training.

Our projects have included everything from single tanks to complex storage terminals.

We execute our projects on a lump-sum, turnkey basis, performing every phase of the work ourselves whenever possible. Our integrated business model translates into shorter project schedules, lower costs, improved quality control and reduced risk for the customer business. We provide single-point responsibility, our customers don’t have to worry about the duplication of effort, delays and design incompatibilities that can arise when multiple contractors are involved.

Our true EPC approach is possible because we have a vast global network of engineering. Procurement, fabrication and construction resources. With these integrated resources, we can quickly mobilize people, material and equipment wherever they are needed. Our engineers are well-versed in the regulations, logistics and business practices of the communities where we work, and we direct-hire and train local labour whenever possible.

  • Foundation Design and Construction
  • Tank Farm Construction
  • Loading Gantries
  • Flowlines
  • Pipelines
  • Flowstation Rehabilitation and Upgrade
  • Warehouse
  • Fire Detection and Protection Systems
  • Power Transmission and Distribution Projects

All our storage tanks are purposely designed and tailor-made to suite the customers requirements. Designed and constructed to API 650 standard, the above ground storage tanks are fitted with adequate measurement, safety, environmental products and systems used in monitoring and control of oil, gas and petrochemical products during processing and storage. Thus adequately protecting lives and property from hazards and environmental emissions in petrochemical storage.

Denca’s Scope and Expertise: The scope of our refrigerated crude oil and cryogenic storage projects typically includes concept definition, design and detail engineering, specification and procurement, shop fabrication, field construction, inspection and testing, startup and project management. Our projects have ranged from designing and building individual tanks and refrigerated process systems to entire storage terminals.

In developing these projects, we draw upon our extensive knowledge of steel structure design, fabrication, welding thermodynamics and the physical properties of gasses, fluid flow, heat transfer and chemical engineering. Tanks and their insulation system must work together to ensure optimum performance for low temperature and cryogenic storage. Our tanks are available in three types of shell and insulation systems.

Denca’s Single Wall Steel Tanks – This type of tank normally is used to store products at – 600F (-510C) and warmer. Our single wall tank is insulated with rigid polyurethane insulation foamed-in-place between the steel shell and an aluminum jacket that serves as both a moisture vapor barrier and provides weather protection. This system offers good resistance to severe weather and fire. Its excellent vapor barrier reduces heat leakage, thus lowering operating costs.

Denca’s Double Wall Steel Tanks – these tanks normally store products at – 280F (-330C) and colder. Our double wall steel tanks provide the best possible insulation and offer excellent fire resistance, wind protection and vapor barrier integrity.

Denca’s Composite Concrete and Steel Tanks – Composite tanks feature concrete outer shells that provide additional protection against damage and offer containment in the unlikely event of tank leakage. Used most often for storing LNG, these tanks can be designed with several foundation shell and containment configurations.

Our complete range of services are geared towards optimizing Safety and Efficiency while maximizing customer operating income.


Our foundation for storage tanks are designed with the site geotechnical report as a guide. The bearing load of the storage tanks, guide the design philosophy for all our foundations.

Where necessary, we utilize pilled foundation developed in conjunction with geotechnical alliance partners in which the superstructure loads are ably transferred to more competent bearing stratum at depth.