In ever competitive Nigeria oil and gas industry Sector, Denca Service has lived above board. In this sector therefore we have undertaken several challenging and rewarding jobs in areas of:

  • Construction of Pipeline and Trunkline
  • Flow station – equipment installation & maintenance
  • Compressor stations – conditioning, installation and maintenance services
  • Gas gathering stations – civil works, equipment installations, pigging
  • Wellhead platforms – topside welding and installation jobs
  • Gas manifold platform and templates – shallow water hookup, installation, and welding maintenance
  • Jackets – load out, lifting and installation
  • Flow line repairs – defects survey, welding maintenance
  • Laying of lines and cables (including umbilical)
  • River crossings using ditch-watch

Denca offers these and much more:

Conceptual planning

Feasibility studies and estimates

Process design

Engineering and design services

Procurement and inspection services

Project management

Technology and licensor evaluations

Automation and control systems

Construction management

Plant startup and commissioning

Modular design expertise

DENCA SERVICES LIMITED (DSL) has the capability to undertake complete supply of storage facilities. These include Designs, Engineering, Fabrication, Construction, Testing as well as process performance. Qualitative structural and mechanical engineering jobs are guaranteed. We provide a competitive and cost-eff4ective services with quality result which include:

  • Optimum Storage Facility Design
  • Quality Equipment Supplies Fully Guaranteed
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Commitment to Long-Lasting Relationship
  • Flexibility in Approach to Business
  • Thorough Life Reliability
  • After-Sales Maintenance