When it comes to liquid and gas transportation, we have proven our worth in the area of flowlines and pipelines construction (both onshore and swamp). Projects cost and delivery time reduction have been achievable through experiences and commitment on our part through improvement of construction management approach as we always take the worst case scenarios in planning and scheduling projects. This has effectively assisted as in delivery of quality work on schedule.

Our welds are x-rayed and entire length of flowline pressure – tested in order to certify the welds strength. Our pipe supports are well – designed, shop fabricated and assembled to be able to carry the load for which they have been designed. The entire length of the flowlines is satisfactorily anchored on the pipe supports.


Pipe laying is a specialized field where DENCA SERVICES plays a leading role. Our activities not only comprise large scale transport pipe projects, but we are also capable of establishing necessary connections to oil and gas facilities. Thanks to our fully qualified staff and modern equipment. Denca can guarantee top quality execution of pipe laying contracts, no matter whether the systems are above-ground or underground. Where oil rigging, manifolds, heated fuel oil circuits for the chemical, petrochemical industries and many other sectors are concerned, DENCA can comply with even the most highly specialized technical specifications.

Denca services offers effective material traceability and quality assurance for the entire process of pipeline fabrication from the chemical analysis of the casts of the steel through to the as-built and as-laid records of the completed pipeline

Quality assurance functions are an integral part of the system by recording all wells, repairs and re-weld details as well as visual, radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye-penetrate examinations.

We maintain full status information on material detailing the stages and its current location within the fabrication process. This also enables Denca to record and display the pipeline length and volume at any given time also ensuring that a full material reconciliation can be performed as soon as the project is completed. Denca Services designs, manufactures and fabricates.


DENCA is capable of executing projects for the rehabilitation and upgrade of flowstation facilities for gas / liquid / solid separation.

Horizontal separator offered by us through our overseas alliance partners are with high efficiency vanes of wire mesh mist extractors.

An Independent Approach to control and Automation Denca Automation and Control (DAC) provides structure definition to your process plants project first, so that force fitting a solution is unnecessary. Our vast knowledge of SCADA, PLC and DCS systems allow us to provide a ‘fit-for-purpose’ solution. And by relying on field proven, open system components, we provide cost effective, tailored results.

We’ve worked on a Broad range of projects

Denca’s management and engineering have extensive experience in chemical, refining, petrochemical and specialty process industries. Our projects have included procurement of vessel, reactors, heat exchangers and other specialized equipment.


As engineering services company, DENCA SERVICES LIMITED can offer general oil and gas industry equipment maintenance services. In pipeline technology, we have an industry acknowledge expertise in:

Abrasive blast clean-up

Swamp and new underwater inspections

Fabrication and welding

Planting and structural re-enforcement

General pipeline, flowline and riser rehabilitation.


  • Welding
  • Underwater inspections
  • Sandblasting
  • Painting and corrosion treatment
  • Fabrication and welding
  • Plating
  • Pipeline, flowline and riser rehabilitation
  • Structural re-enforcement
  • Supply of oil field related spare parts and materials
  • Well head / xmas trees
  • Chemicals for: (i) Drilling (ii) Well cleaning   (iii) Etc


  1. Nigeria Petroleum Development Co. (NPDC)
  2. Construction of 2 Nos. x 10,000 bbls crude oil storage tank or Oredo flow station AND Reconstruction of all civil works, electrical instrumentation and all other works associated with tank construction. Jobs awarded to IPC but sublet to Denca Services. Completed in year 1998.

  1. Construction of 6” OD Crude Oil Export Line from Ozeigbe flow station to Oredo valve manifold Nature of Contract EPC. Job awarded to Bricon but sublet to Denca services. Completed in year 2000

iii.      Construction of 1 No. x 1000 diesel storage tank at Oziegbe flow station. EPC contract. Job awarded to Hoslyn but sublet to Denca services. Completed in year 2001.

  1. Construction of Overhead Water Storage Tank 10’ x 10’ x 5’ on a station 60’ high for Oziegbe flow stations and environs. Nature of Contract EPC. Job awarded to Hoslyn but sublet to Denca Services. It was completed in year 2001.

  1. De-slugging and Cleaning of 2 Nos. x 10,000 bbls Crude Oil Storage tanks at Oredo flowstation – EPC contract awarded to Vickyin and sublets to Denca. Year 2004 completed.

  1. Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)
  2. Re-habilitation of water treatment tank at Bonny Crude Oil Terminal EPC awarded Engraypac and sublet to Denca. Year 2002 completed

  1. Re-habilitation of water storage tank and installation of water treatment plant at New River flowstation (Shell East). Awarded to Horchi construction and sublet to Denca Services completed in 2004.

iii.      Construction of 1km c 8’ OD Crude Oil Delivery line at Agbada 1 flowstation (Shell East). EPC Contract awarded to Horchi construction and subletted to Denca Services. Completed in 2004.

  1. Independent Oil Marketers
  2. Construction of oil storage depot for integrated Oil and Gas at Coconut Bus stop, Oshodi – Apapa Expressway, Apapa, Lagos. This depot has a total capacity of 32 million litres. And is designed to house AGO, DPK and PMS. This depot has 3 Nos. X 10 mt Tanks and 2 Nos. x 1 mt. it also has installed a gantry with loading arms and metres, pump house, fire-fighting facilities such as foam system, Hydrant System, Sprinkler system, smoke detector, etc. this tank far has a bundwall of 100 x 75 mx2 No. deep. Nature of Contract EPC/awarded to Vickyln and sublet to Denca Services Limited. Was completed in 2005.

  1. Construction of Oil Storage depot foe Dozzy Oil and Gas at Calabar EPZ and NPA. This depot has a total installed capacity of 30-million litres and is designed to house finished products such as AGO, DPK, PM, Tallion and Bitumen. This depot comprises of 6 Nos. x 5mt tank, loading arms and meters, Gantry, Pump house, fire fighting facilities such as foam system, Hydrant system, sprinkler system, smoke detector, etc. also has installed in this depot are 8’OD Tank in-let line, 6’OD tank delivery line and other inter-connectivity pipelines. It also has a bundwall of 150x100mx2m deep. Nature of Contract EPC / awarded to Vickyln process constructors Limited and subletted to Denca Services. Currently in progress.

Denca Services combines the process experience and management expertise that you would expect from a giant company with the flesxibility and responsiveness of a smaller entity. The continuity of the management and designated staff, which differentiates Denca, ensures consistent high-quality services.

Denca serves many industries, including refineries, petrochemicals and related oil and gas industries. We offer a full service approach for projects of any size, whether grassroots or revamp and modernization of existing plants and rig time exploration, logistics and marine.