We have displayed a high sense of responsibility in discharging container operations through terminal delivery and cargo consolidation. We have ability to handle several thousands of TEUs through consistent trucking, stacking, control, stocking and delivery to owners through customs documentation and release.

In Denca, we consider the economy of nations by reduction of demurrage accruable on cargo, by ensuring fast delivery, fast tracking and 90% cargo advance delivery methods.

Denca services limited responded to the call for private sector participation in ports management in the light of this investment deregulation, port reforms were carried out, private companies went into administration / management.

Denca established one of the largest private container terminals with capacity of 7,000 TEUs fully operational and with cargo handling equipment of different capacities and functions.

Today, we have proved our commitment in providing local content in maritime operations responding to the ports investment infrastructure and expanding scope in management of container terminal with safety and security records.

Our total throughput per annum is about five hundred and forty thousand (540,000) containers on full capacity. It is a demonstration of efficiency, flexibility, affordability in the terminal operations of this height.