With Federal Government of Nigeria’s deregulations of downstream sector of the oil industry, Denca services seized the opportunity to diversify and expand their operations to the sector. They embarked on importation, distribution, supply and marketing of oil, gas and other petroleum products to boost the economy in this sector of the industry.

In this downstream sector, Denca services operates through its subsidiary – VOTARY OIL & GAS company. We operates specifically as importers of petroleum products. We also maintain chains of fuel dispensing stations across the nation where we sell to the general public after we might have disposed to bulk distributors and cooperate bulk users such as big manufacturing firms, communication base sites, banks and others who form our direct customer clilents.

In this industry, it is note worthy to mention that Denca services owns and operates fleet of road worthy tanker trucks that are comprehensively insured to distribute or transport the products to any destination or construction location as may be required by our clients or customers.  It is also pertinent to indicate here that Denca services owns and operates tank farms with gantries in Lagos coastal areas for the storage and distribution of petroleum products.

As a major player in the industry we undertake big time petroleum products supplies to blue chip companies and Government agencies on turn-key basis and other plans as may be required by our customers. We deliver to any destination regardless of the distance or terrain and on time.