Denca services handles water projects from start to finish for communities, oil companies, industries, private users and organizations. Our water engineering department handles Water boreholes drilling, treatment and distribution network to clients specification.


In Denca service, we design and drill water wells of different sizes and depths to suite our clients requirements. In salt water coastal regions, we can do borehole of up to 3000ft to aquifers of cleaner and purer water zones. Before drilling commences we usually carry out subsurface water investigation to delineate these aquifers portable water that contain less minerals such as ferrous or iron, manganese or salt water. When this is done and right data are obtained, we retire to the laboratory to carry out the analysis of the information obtained from the field and advise our clients professionally vis-à-vis the depth of borehole and size. After drilling the well, Denca service also carries out Chemical analysis of the water to ascertain if it meets the WHO7.0 HP standard. Where necessary, we advice the clients on treatment plants to install and we go further to install some for the clients at his discretion.


Denca services carries out construction of commercial water plants for prospective clients. We advice clients with regards to the best technology that will suite their plans with regards to the available water source and quality. In the construction and delivery of appropriate water factory to clients, we do not leave our clients with only construction and setting up of the plants but go extra mile to avail our clients with:

  1. Training of the man-power or workforce to handle the machineries installed.
  2. Obtain the necessary NAFDAC documents to enable our clients to carry on their production without any government challenges or hiccups.

iii.      We also go further to advice our clients on the best marketing strategies to achieve the required results at the least possible time. It is pertinent to mention here that as a proof of our vast knowledge and expertise in this field or sector. Denca service owns and operates a commercial water plant in the city of Lagos known as VOTARY water co. ltd which produces of the purest water – VOTARY TABLE WATER.