In Denca, we offer freight forwarding professionally to meet taste of our clients. We break the bulk, ensure door to door and port delivery services using best practice. The quality of services offered ensures numerous customers within and around the nation.

We process customs documents with minimal delay and comply to all directives and guidelines in freight forwarding and commodity exchange. We maintain customs relationship through application of modern logistics concept and fast track system to ease the work of freight forwarding.

Denca services is highly oriented freight forwarding company with high technical experience and ability with ports infrastructure to carry out freight forwarding business in Nigeria.

We have trained manpower to meet the needs of the people and relate technically in the areas of doubt and necessity, we collaborate with all ports agencies to ensure compliance. Ports regulation are carried out according to government directives and customs code of instruction in Cargo clearance and delivery services.

Fast tracking delivery up to 90% customs advance release and delivery are all mechanism to ease the stress of port users and encourage trade facilitation. We ensure these processes are carried out without delay.

Bank Documentation / International Trade

The recent guidelines on clearing and destination inspection has made it possible for bank documentation to precede the assessment of values of goods to be cleared. Therefore we provide basic information to the documentation of international trade value and assessment through interpretation of customs tariff and SH code. We provide customs bill of entry, complete necessary information and process same with the bank of our clients.


We have displayed a high sense of responsibility in discharging container operations through terminal delivery and cargo consolidation. We have ability to handle several thousands of TEUs through consistent trucking, stacking, control, stocking and delivery to owners through customs documentation and release.

In Denca, we consider the economy of nations by reduction of demurrage accruable on cargo, by ensuring fast delivery, fast tracking and 90% cargo advance delivery methods.

Denca services limited responded to the call for private sector participation in ports management in the light of this investment deregulation, port reforms were carried out, private companies went into administration / management.

Denca established one of the largest private container terminals with capacity of 7,000 TEUs fully operational and with cargo handling equipment of different capacities and functions.

Today, we have proved our commitment in providing local content in maritime operations responding to the ports investment infrastructure and expanding scope in management of container terminal with safety and security records.

Our total throughput per annum is about five hundred and forty thousand (540,000) containers on full capacity. It is a demonstration of efficiency, flexibility, affordability in the terminal operations of this height.


We are operating in a developing economy and global economic trading across the nations requires partnership alliance. It has become necessary to stem the events and realign with corporate objective of the world economy using alliance in technical partnership. Therefore, there is every need to plan ahead of time, considering the abundant opportunities in the maritime economy in Nigeria.

In view of the above, therefore it is pertinent to mention that in this bonded terminal operations, Denca services now partners with some international shipping lines / agencies such as:

  2. K-LINE

these multinational shipping lines find a dependable ally in Denca services that the use of Denca bonded logistics and handling of their containerized cargoes to Nigeria and West Africa sub region.


We offer documentation to effect destination inspection and assessment through installation of DTI connectivity network and customs operations.


We cover our containers off the port with transit liability insurance which is estimated to be about 100 million Naira on bank bond. This provides coverage in case of general and specific perils in the course of transit goods from the ports to the warehouse/terminal site. It provides assurance for business, trust and confidence in transaction and maritime claim to operators.


We provide Agency Service to vessels from far East to Europe and Mediterranean region. We have alliance with ship brokers in Europe who align with us in all matters of ship and ship allied services. We operate on familiar terrain in Nigeria and West Coast of Africa.


Denca Services Limited is a transport oriented company whose activities cover a full range of logistics services. We provide transport carriages from port to terminal, warehouse to the site of project; and we also create project dump site to reduce pressure of overstocking and under stocking.

We provide chain supply management through the use of all logistics services branding, labeling, packaging, warehousing, and transport to the required users and network. Our operations are networked through computer on-line connectivity to maintain inventory control system. Management approaches by tracking and control methods are part of our system.

Cargo Logistics concept involves movement by container, containerization is an instrument of transportation. The container devices are built to provide such elastic measures that can sustain long carriages of goods.